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Although Roman authors assumed that the escaped slaves were a homogeneous group with Spartacus as their leader, they may have projected their own hierarchical view of military leadership onto the spontaneous organization, reducing other slave leaders to subordinate positions in their accounts. A Spartacus egy 1960-ban bemutatott film, melyet Stanley Kubrick rendezett Howard Fast azonos című könyve alapján. Genner, Michael. The premiere episode of the series set a record for Starz, with 553,000 viewers on their network, and another 460,000 on Encore, where the show was available only that weekend. This page was last edited on 11 December 2020, at 06:12. DeKnight added that the Spartacus producers and Starz executives weren't always sure they would go forward without Andy Whitfield, who they said had brought "gravity and heart" to the role of the famous warrior. [15] Whitfield gave his blessing for Starz to recast the role when he announced he would not return. [5] Appian says he was "a Thracian by birth, who had once served as a soldier with the Romans, but had since been a prisoner and sold for a gladiator".[6]. The prisoner's true name unknown, Lentulus Batiatus, the owner of a ludus in Capua, suggests to name him "Spartacus", because he fought like the ferocious Thracian king of that name. Spartakus (* cca 109 pred Kr. As Batiatus fends off repeated attempts by his professional rival Tullius to obtain Gannicus, his relationships with his father Titus and friend Solonius begin to suffer the strain of Quintus' relentless ambition. The second season eventually premiered on January 27, 2012. L'é cugnusü cum'é Ül s'ciav che l'ha sfidò l'Imper This rebellion, interpreted by some as an example of oppressed people fighting for their freedom against a slave-owning oligarchy, has provided inspiration for many political thinkers, and has been featured in literature, television, and film. in der Zweiten Schlacht am Silarus), war ein römischer Sklave und Gladiator.Historische Bedeutung erlangte er als Anführer eines nach ihm benannten Sklavenaufstandes im Römischen Reich der Antike während der späten Römischen Republik The name Spartacus is otherwise manifested in the Black Sea region. After the bloody escape from the House of Batiatus that concluded Spartacus: Blood and Sand, the gladiator rebellion begins to strike fear into the heart of the Roman Republic in Spartacus: Vengeance. Spartacus Stanley Kubrickeko 1960an zuzendutako estatubatuar film epikoa da, Howard Fasten izen bereko eleberrian oinarrituta. – 71.pne.) Roomalaiset olivat vanginneet Spartacuksen Capuan gladiaattorikouluun, mutta hän pakeni sieltä tovereineen. Spartacus (circa 120 BC – circa 70 BC, at the end of the Third Servile War), according to Roman historians, was a gladiator-slave who became the leader of an unsuccessful slave uprising against the Roman Republic. Andy Whitfield was the actor who played Spartacus in Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Crixus grievously wounds Lucretia with a sword stab to her abdomen, piercing her womb and killing their unborn child. The English language release of the game Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery had a limited release at Gen Con 2012 and a general release to game and hobby stores on September 28, 2012. Noting well the Thracian's fierce raw talent and popularity with the masses, Batiatus purchases him for training within the walls of his ludus under the tutelage of Oenomaus, a former gladiator and fellow slave who is known to the gladiators as 'Doctore', meaning instructor. Služio je u rimskoj vojsci, ali je dezertirao i organizovao bandu. [23] With these successes, more and more slaves flocked to the Spartacan forces, as did "many of the herdsmen and shepherds of the region", swelling their ranks to some 70,000. Veteran gladiators Barca and Gannicus accept the rising star of Crixus but fear that their own careers will suffer, as the machinations of Batiatus and Lucretia to court Capua's elite end in tragedy for several members of the household. [27] They spent the winter of 73–72 BC training, arming and equipping their new recruits, and expanding their raiding territory to include the towns of Nola, Nuceria, Thurii and Metapontum. [42] When Crassus refused, Spartacus and his army broke through the Roman fortifications and headed up the Bruttium peninsula with Crassus's legions in pursuit. An teksto in … Spartacus (arvatavasti 120 – 71 eKr) oli gladiaatorite ülestõusu juht. Craig Walsh Wrightson (season 1 and prequel) as Solonius – a rival lanista and former friend to the House of Batiatus. Crixus resists aiding Spartacus in hopes of reuniting with his lover Naevia; however, after learning he was weakened to ensure Spartacus' victory, at the last moment he joins with Spartacus. [43], When the legions managed to catch a portion of the rebels separated from the main army,[44] discipline among Spartacus's forces broke down as small groups independently attacked the oncoming legions. Spartakus se pokusil prorazit obklíčení, což se mu podařilo, a uprchl k městu Brundisium (dnešní Brindisi), jednotky pod vedením Crassa ho ale pronásledovaly až do Lukánie.Vzbouřenci pak svedli bitvu na řece Silarus, ve které prohráli a jejich armáda byla rozprášena.Po této bitvě Římané osvobodili přes 3 000 vojáků, kteří byli vězněni otroky. The Getae frequently raid the Thracians' lands, so the Thracians are persuaded by Glaber to enlist in the Romans' service as auxiliaries. Spartakus (bahasa Yunani: Σπάρτακος, Spártakos'; bahasa Latin: Spartacus) (sekitar tahun 109-71 SM) adalah seorang pemimpin budak terkemuka dalam Perang Budak Ketiga, sebuah pemberontakan budak besar melawan Republik Romawi.Sedikit yang diketahui tentang Spartakus di luar peristiwa perang, dan catatan sejarah hidupnya kadang-kadang kontradiktif dan mungkin tidak selalu dapat dipercaya. However, all sources agree that he was a former gladiator and an accomplished military leader. Spartacus este un serial de televiziune american care a avut premiera pe canalul Starz la 22 ianaurie 2010. Crassus was put in charge of eight legions, approximately 40,000 trained Roman soldiers,[36][failed verification][37] which he treated with harsh, even brutal discipline, reviving the punishment "decimation" on units. In 2016 the series was made available on Netflix. Praetor Claudius Glaber and his Roman troops are sent to Capua to crush Spartacus' growing band of freed slaves before they can inflict further damage. Spartacus a fost conducătorul celei de-a treia răscoale a sclavilor (73 î.Hr. The story begins with an unnamed Thracian's involvement in a unit of Roman auxiliary in a campaign against the Getae (Thracian tribes that occupied the regions of the Lower Danube, in what today is Bulgaria and Romania, ancestors of Romanians) under the command of the legatus, Claudius Glaber. Episodes. De qua seditione scripserunt multi historici, inter quos Appianus, Florus, Plutarchus, Sallustius et Eutropius Jenna Lind (season 3) as Kore – a loyal slave to Marcus Crassus the Roman tasked to bring an end to Spartacus and his rebellion. The response of the Romans was hampered by the absence of the Roman legions, which were already engaged in fighting a revolt in Spain and the Third Mithridatic War. Against all odds in the arena he slays the four gladiators appointed to execute him and becomes an instant sensation with the crowd. Crassus's legions followed and upon arrival built fortifications across the isthmus at Rhegium,[citation needed] despite harassing raids from the rebels. "Spartakus. Former champion gladiator Oenomaus reluctantly retires from combat to become Doctore, while Syrian recruits Ashur and Dagan become fierce enemies as Ashur tries to prove himself worthy of being a gladiator. Alarmed at the continued threat posed by the slaves, the Senate charged Marcus Licinius Crassus, the wealthiest man in Rome and the only volunteer for the position,[35] with ending the rebellion. [48][49] The series airs in Ireland on TV3. Karkureiden joukkoon liittyi kymmeniä tuhansia muitakin orjia, ja heidän armeijansa kierteli Italiaa kahden vuoden ajan. At the same time, the Roman Senate, alarmed by the defeat of the praetorian forces, dispatched a pair of consular legions under the command of Lucius Gellius and Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus Clodianus. Spartak (grčki: Σπάρτακος, Spártakos; latinski: Spartacus) (cca. However, he was betrayed by the pirates, who took payment and then abandoned the rebels. The Thracian, feeling betrayed, leads a mutiny against Glaber, and returns to find his village destroyed. Spartacus on ensimmäinen Kubrickin ohjaama värielokuva. He was 39 years old. A film Spartacus életét és a Harmadik Rabszolgalázadás történetét dolgozza fel. Spartacus's name was also used in athletics in the Soviet Union and communist states of Central and Eastern Europe. Spartacus wins (as expected), and when the young man gives the "thumbs down", Batiatus, wishing to ingratiate himself with the boy's powerful father, forces Spartacus to comply and kill Varro. In Slovenia, the series started airing on Kanal A on 2 January 2012, from Monday to Friday at 9.45 pm. Spartacus Wiki. This page was last changed on 10 May 2018, at 11:41. Clements and released on January 3, 2012.[31]. Hi Spartacus in usa nga pinuno han uripon nga Tracio han ikatulo nga gera Serbil. Production began in New Zealand in the summer of 2010 and the prequel aired beginning January 2011.[13]. Spartacus is a 1960 American epic historical drama movie directed by Stanley Kubrick and … While suffering from both his wound in this match and his remorse and sorrow over having to kill his friend, Spartacus has fever dreams that lead him to suspect that Batiatus arranged Sura's death. He wishes to strip the honor of capturing Spartacus from Glaber. 629 Pages. [57] This name was also used for the mass gymnastics exhibition held every five years in Czechoslovakia. Dako it imo maibubulig ha Wikipedia pinaagi han pagparabong hini Ini nga pakli kataposan nga ginliwat dida han 15:10, 30 Septyembre 2015. Knowing that it is all or nothing when it comes to resistance of his enslavement, he resolves to "kill them all" and lead a revolt against the ruling house he once fought for. The Thracian is shipped to Capua in Italy, a center of gladiator training. Spartacus series creator Steven S. DeKnight said in an interview, "There are a 'couple of very strong candidates' for the role of Spartacus, and season two should begin production in New Zealand in April 2011." [39] Spartacus's forces then retreated toward Rhegium. [17], On February 26, 2011 interview with Entertainment Weekly, DeKnight revealed that the second season was set to air "the end of January" 2012. Batiatus' wife, Lucretia, is conducting an affair with Crixus. However, Batiatus' opponents would not sit idly and allow his ascent to greatness without challenge. Heath Jones (seasons 2–3) as Donar – a prominent German rebel and former gladiator from the House of Batiatus. Additionally, he revealed that Lesley-Ann Brandt, the actress who portrayed the slave Naevia, would also not be able to return for season 2 due to the delay in production. je bio znameniti vođa ustanka rimskih robova, poznatog i kao Treći robovski rat.. Rođen je kao slobodni Tračanin negde oko 111. godine pne. Two volumes. - 71 a.C.n.) In order to get his revenge, Spartacus enlists the help of Crixus and the rest of the gladiators to defeat the house of Batiatus once and for all. [12] The prequel featured both new and returning stars, headlined by John Hannah as Batiatus and Lucy Lawless as Lucretia. The series aired in Canada on TMN beginning on January 25, 2010. Appian and Florus write that he intended to march on Rome itself. The rebels were now under siege and cut off from their supplies. He is harassed by more senior gladiators, notably Crixus, an undefeated Gaul, and Barca, a Carthaginian. Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly gave it the grade B+, saying it "might prove to be the not-at-all-guilty pleasure of the season. English Wikipedia has an article on: Spartacus. [11] Due to the delay, Starz announced in May 2010 that it would be developing a six-episode prequel series, entitled Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, to allow star actor Whitfield to seek medical treatment. The rebels also defeated a second expedition, nearly capturing the praetor commander, killing his lieutenants and seizing the military equipment. [17] In 73 BC, Spartacus was among a group of gladiators plotting an escape. The rural slave lived a life in the frontier thus better equipping themselves to march with Spartacus' army. Ta oli traakia päritolu Rooma palgasõdur, kuid deserteerus, võeti vangi ja müüdi gladiaatoriks. Spartacus (movie) References. Senator Albinius commutes the punishment from death to slavery. In conjunction with the UK airings of Spartacus: War of the Damned on Monday nights at 10pm, a Tweet-a-long is held from the official Spartacus Twitter page, in which fans post tweets during the episode, using the hashtag #SpartacusWarOfTheDamned. Batiatus arranges the purchase of Sura, but she is delivered mortally wounded, supposedly having been waylaid by bandits en route. On June 1, 2012 Starz released a teaser video of the next season on YouTube. Liam McIntyre: Spartacus [4][5] On June 4, 2012, Starz announced the third and final season, titled Spartacus: War of the Damned.[6][7]. The series is also scheduled to premiere in Poland on HBO Poland starting from June 19, 2010[47] and in Hungary on HBO Magyarország starting from June 1, 2010. In 2012, Ubisoft announced that they would be publishing a video game based on the series. The first one, titled Spartacus: Swords & Ashes, was written by J.M. After many near-fatal ordeals and much further training Spartacus attains the status of a living legend and is named the "Champion of Capua". [citation needed], In the spring of 72 BC, the rebels left their winter encampments and began to move northward. In 72-71 BC, Roman general Marcus Terentius Varro Lucullus, proconsul of the Roman province of Macedonia, marched against the Getae, who were allies of Rome's enemy, Mithridates VI of Pontus. [16] Spartacus was trained at the gladiatorial school (ludus) near Capua belonging to Lentulus Batiatus. Robert Lloyd of the Los Angeles Times wrote that John Hannah as Batiatus "keeps the show grounded with a persuasive portrait of a man engaged in a stressful daily business. [18] On August 1, 2011, Starz released a trailer indicating that the long-delayed second season would premiere in January 2012, under the new subtitle, Spartacus: Vengeance. Doctore initially stops Spartacus from killing Batiatus. [citation needed], On March 9, 2010, reported that production of Season 2 had been delayed due to star Whitfield being diagnosed with early-stage non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Purchased as an undisciplined and disheveled recruit in the first episode, Crixus the Gaul initially endures mockery and threats of death, before eventually rising to become a gladiator of skill and fame second only to Gannicus. Toussaint Louverture, a leader of the slave revolt that led to the independence of Haiti, has been called the "Black Spartacus". Spartacus (tiếng Hy Lạp: Σπάρτακος, Spártakos; tiếng Latinh: Spartacus sinh năm 111 tr.CN - 71 trước CN), theo các sử học gia, là một đấu sĩ nô lệ, người đã trở thành một trong các thủ lĩnh của cuộc nổi dậy không thành công của các nô lệ chống lại Cộng hòa La Mã được biết là Chiến tranh nô lệ lần ba. Gannicus is a skilled warrior almost without equal, who wields his dual swords in the arena with great prowess. Bộ truyện được lấy cảm hứng từ nhân vật lịch sử Spartacus (do Andy Whitfield thủ … [40], At this time, the legions of Pompey returned from Hispania and were ordered by the Senate to head south to aid Crassus. None of Spartacus's actions overtly suggest that he aimed at reforming Roman society or abolishing slavery. Batiatus, who has been unable to control Spartacus during his first days of training, promises to find Sura and reunite them in exchange for the promising neophyte's cooperation in the arena. Aastal 73 eKr alustas ta gladiaatorite ülestõusu. The Spartakiad was a Soviet bloc version of the Olympic games. In India and Pakistan, the show is currently airing (as of June 2011) on HBO. v Starovekom Ríme.Utiekol z gladiátorskej školy a vytvoril armádu, ktorá udelila veľa trpkých porážok rímskym légiám. [35] When Spartacus and his followers, who for unclear reasons had retreated to the south of Italy, moved northward again in early 71 BC, Crassus deployed six of his legions on the borders of the region and detached his legate Mummius with two legions to maneuver behind Spartacus. Based on the events in late 73 BC and early 72 BC, which suggest independently operating groups of escaped slaves[51] and a statement by Plutarch, it appears that some of the escaped slaves preferred to plunder Italy, rather than escape over the Alps. [18], About 70[19] slaves were part of the plot. In September 2010, Starz announced that Whitfield's cancer had returned and that he had decided not to return for the production of Season 2, then tentatively scheduled for September 2011. Spartacus: Blood and Sand (dịch nghĩa: Spartacus: Máu và cát) là phần đầu tiên của loạt phim truyền hình Mỹ Spartacus, được công chiếu trên Starz vào ngày 22 tháng 1 năm 2010. [8][9], After filming in early 2009 and promoting for some time, it was announced that Starz would premiere Spartacus: Blood and Sand on January 22, 2010. [45] Spartacus now turned his forces around and brought his entire strength to bear on the legions in a last stand, in which the rebels were routed completely, with the vast majority of them being killed on the battlefield.[46]. [2], After the completion of the first season titled Spartacus: Blood and Sand, production for another season was delayed because lead actor Andy Whitfield was diagnosed with early-stage non-Hodgkin lymphoma so Starz produced a six-episode prequel mini-series entitled Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. harvnb error: multiple targets (2×): CITEREFStrauss2009 (. Etymology . oli traakialainen gladiaattori, joka johti orjakapinaa Roomaa vastaan vuosina 73–71 eaa. Suomi: Spartacus, oli orja joka kapinoi Rooman tasavaltaa vastaan. Several sports clubs around the world, in particular the former Soviet and the Communist bloc, were named after the Roman gladiator. Usa ka turók ini nga barasahon. [7] The authors refer to the Thracian tribe of the Maedi,[8][9][10] which occupied the area on the southwestern fringes of Thrace, along its border with the Roman province of Macedonia – present day south-western Bulgaria. He is befriended by Varro, a Roman who sold himself into slavery in order to pay his debts and support his family. These defeats are depicted in divergent ways by the two most comprehensive (extant) histories of the war by Appian and Plutarch.[31][32][33][34]. [22], On June 4, 2012, Starz announced that the 4th season of Spartacus (War of the Damned) will be the final one for the series. Spartacus's name was chosen in numerous football sides in Slavic Europe. Spartacus, dt.Spartakus (gestorben 71 v. Chr. Spartacus casts off his heritage as a Thracian and forgets his dream of freedom, becoming content with life as champion. Mark Perigard of the Boston Herald gave the season finale a positive review, rating it a B+. Meanwhile, Barca, wishing to buy his freedom, was slain by Batiatus with the help of slave and former gladiator, Ashur. Rome dispatched militia under the command of praetor Gaius Claudius Glaber, who besieged Spartacus and his camp on Mount Vesuvius, hoping that starvation would force Spartacus to surrender. The main story opens not long after Quintus Lentulus Batiatus becomes lanista, manager of the House's slaves and gladiators, when he takes over his father's ludus. Ilithyia, who has hated Spartacus since he embarrassed her husband Glaber by his mutiny, seduces the young man and convinces him to demand death for the loser of the match. [38] After this, Crassus's legions were victorious in several engagements, forcing Spartacus farther south through Lucania as Crassus gained the upper hand. [50] Appian also states that he later abandoned that goal, which might have been no more than a reflection of Roman fears. In the ensuing chaos of the gladiators' killing of the guards and some guests, Crixus persuades Doctore to join him with Spartacus, while Illithyia escapes and has her guards seal the door to the ludus from the outside. Furthermore, the Romans considered the rebellion more of a policing matter than a war. In 2012 Gale Force Nine announced the creation of licensed board game based on the Spartacus series. In this area, since 1899, there have been finds of armour and swords of the Roman era. [20], Over two months before the premiere, on November 7, 2011, Starz announced that it was renewing Spartacus for a third season–a second year with Liam McIntyre in the titular role; and fourth year on the air overall.[21]. For the 2004 mini-series with Goran Višnjić, see, The Complete First Season: Blood and Sand, The Complete Third & Final Season: War of the Damned, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Interview: Steven S. DeKnight and Robert Tapert from Spartacus: Blood And Sand, "Liam McIntyre confirmed to take over Spartacus role", "Starz Announces SPARTACUS: WAR OF THE DAMNED as the Show's Final Season", "Spartacus Prequel announced by Starz, Whitfield to star", "It's official: 'Spartacus' moving forward with recast", "Spartacus: Vengeance - Trailer - YouTube", "Spartacus star Whitfield dies of lymphoma at 39", "Shocker: Starz Cancels Spartacus, Upcoming Third Season Will Be Last", "GF9 release Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery", "Devil's Due, Starz announce joint "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" project", "Spartacus: Blood and Sand - The Motion Comic", "Spartacus: Blood and Sand - Motion Comic", "Review: 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand' on Starz", "Spartakus: Krew i piach, odc. 111. pne. However, according to Cicero (Ad Atticum VI, ii, 8) at the beginning his followers were much less than 50. communist states of Central and Eastern Europe, Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of Spartacus, "Tribes, Dynasts and Kingdoms of Northern Greece: History and Numismatics", "AUSXIP Spartacus: Blood and Sand TV Show Lucy Lawless Sam Raimi & Rob Tapert",,, Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pages, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2011, Articles with failed verification from October 2013, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2013, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from October 2013, Wikipedia articles with CANTIC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with PLWABN identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Spartak Odesa, a football team competed in the, Spartak Kharkiv, a football team competed in the, The "Spartacus Overture" was written by composer. Hic vir, in Thracia natus, cum aliis gladiatoribus e ludo fugit et in Italia meridiana inter annos 73 et 71 a.C.n. [49][clarification needed], Toussaint Louverture, a leader of the slave revolt that led to the independence of Haiti, has been called the "Black Spartacus". Against all of this, the city's splendid new arena nears completion and with it the opening games that will make men into gods. In these altercations Spartacus proved to be an excellent tactician, suggesting that he may have had previous military experience. The mini-series features the history of the House of Batiatus and the city of Capua before the arrival of Spartacus. [24] At its height Spartacus led an army derived of many different people, Celts, Gauls, and more. - HBO Magyarország", "SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND / Spartacus: Vér és homok", Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of Spartacus,, 2010s American LGBT-related drama television series, Articles with dead external links from May 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Pages using infobox television with editor parameter, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2010, Articles needing additional references from January 2019, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2012, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, template with ID different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series.

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